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Weclome to DIRAC!

Distributed Infrastructure with Remote Agent Control INTERWARE is a software framework for distributed computing providing a complete solution to one (or more) user community requiring access to distributed resources. DIRAC builds a layer between the users and the resources offering a common interface to a number of heterogeneous providers, integrating them in a seamless manner, providing interoperability, at the same time as an optimized, transparent and reliable usage of the resources. Discover more...

You are not registry!

If you want to use a user proxy, we assume that you already have a user certificate, so in this case create a directory .globus in your home directory and copy the certificate files (public and pruvate keys in pem format) to this directory:
$ mkdir ~/.globus
$ cp /path/to/certificate_files ~/.globus/

At this point you need a proxy, you should do:
$ dirac-proxy-init
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